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Y’Sayl is a small island nation very early in it’s founding, but it is more often referred to as Y’Sayl after it’s largest settlement. Bordering the cold northern hemisphere of it’s world, citizens of Y’Sayl have very little if any contact with the outside world. As such, Y’Sayl is mostly known for it’s fledgling capitol city and the myriad of towns that surround it. These are the primary settlements in Y’Sayl:

Human Settlements

  • Delphino – The Capitol City
  • The Viles – Outcasts of Delphino
  • Graymare – The waypoint township
  • Beacon – The port that time and adventurer forgot
  • Rock Basin – The mines of Delphino
  • Samph – The warmer climate of the south draws the wealthy to this township
  • Coroline – The gate and stronghold between the human and orcen wall
  • Graves Pass – The city of the dead…no one goes here.

Elven Settlements

  • Bro’Shaganth – The stronghold of the Elves
  • G’Totch – The commercial center of the elven people
  • Y’irr – The mage circle’s most revered location and training halls
  • D’Ranyxx – The original Elven port city

Orcen Settlements

  • The Dark Point – Orcen Lands unknown
  • The Blood Wall – The mile-wide trench between the land of the humans and orcs


  • Regarding Y’Sayl – Samus the Tongue’s Guide to Y’Sayl
  • Graves Pass Posting – Full Decree posted along the wooden gates of Graves Pass


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